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Rocco is meeting his dad’s girlfriend Capri Cavanni for the first time, while his dad is out of town. Capri is a bit frustrated sexually, so Rocco takes matters into his own hands by fucking her hard.

Johnny is looking for his dad, and finds Samantha reading a book. Johnny and Samantha Saint have a thing going behind his dad’s back, and it’s not reading books.

Lisa Ann catches Barry searching through his dad’s office to find his passport. Where is it, says Barry. I don’t know, says Lisa, but why do you dislike me so much, your dad was the same way when I first met him. Oh yeah, says Barry. I’ll show you where your passport is if you give me some sugar, says Lisa.

Derrick is getting kicked out of his Dad’s house and Missy is making sure he’s gone. She’s going to turn his old room into a closet, but Derrick doesn’t have any where else to go. Missy Martinez gives in and makes a deal that Derrick can’t refuse.

Pauly goes to his father’s girlfriend Breanne Benson‘s house and tells her that he and his dad just got into a heated argument. He needs to stay out of the house for a few days, so he asks her if it’s OK if he stays at her place. She tells him that she’s made a decision, that she’s not happy in her relationship with his father, and that she’s going to end it. But, Breanne says Pauly can stay at her house as long as he wants … and he can get as much of her hot, wet pussy as he wants, too! Sorry, Pops

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